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Beautify your body by herbal oils

To all of us look like a perfect skin, supple, youthful, bright and healthy. One of the bases to accomplish this is hydration, because when our skin is well hydrated, its appearance is almost perfect. To accomplish this we must not only hydration drink enough water, but we apply moisturizers to the skin and if we want to be kept well hydrated, our best option is essential oils.

There is currently a wide variety of these products and each type has its specific uses. These are the most common:

Calendula oil, without a doubt the best if you have sensitive skin. This oil helps to prevent dry skin by moisturizing and providing notice more elastic skin.

Rosehip Oil: These are known as regenerative and healing properties of the skin, which will become the best ally when pregnant prevent stretch marks and who have some type of scar. It has great power regenerated skin, and can be used on all skin types. Serves to nourish the skin, giving it smoothness and firmness, is widely used to prevent and erase stretch marks go when they first appear.

Sweet Almond Oil: It is especially suitable for very dry skin or for more problematic areas of the body to keep hydrated, such as hands, elbows and knees.

Orange Oil: Its high vitamin C content makes is particularly suitable if you want to increase the body's defenses.

We also have lavender oil, pine and rosemary, which can be used in bathing. Just take a few drops to hot water, immerse yourself in the tub and let the oil penetrate the skin.

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