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When you start using wrinkle creams?

When should I start using wrinkle creams?

Precisely this question has been haunting me for months, as the years take their solos, when I started I had no makeup needed care because of laziness and I never worried about my skin, I have often been tempted to use the creams used my mom, but I'm afraid not work, that cause allergies or use mine whenever I work the same way, since when I have no wrinkles, but better safe than sorry so I'll try to answer this question and I did.

Unfortunately there is no right age to start using such creams to prevent wrinkles, but there are a number of recommendations and tips to follow when you have to use as skin type and age.

It is usually recommended to start using wrinkle creams from the age of 30, as this is when the skin begins to gradually stop producing collagen and also loses elasticity. But age is not the main factor, also influences the type of skin you have, for example if your skin is very dry it is advisable to start using wrinkle after 25 years, since this type of skin is more prone to get wrinkles at an earlier age. If your skin is oily wrinkles take longer to appear and you can start using the creams after 30 years.

If you start to use wrinkle creams at an early age will have no negative effect, you should just take care of your pocket and are expensive creams and such would be in short throwing your money and you do not need them because you only wrinkle creams will effect when you start to lose collagen and skin elasticity.

There are calls anti-aging creams and on the other hand, anti-wrinkle creams. Although their names may give rise to serve the same purpose, but not, each has a role. Anti-aging creams, to understand, are more general. That is, provide nutrients to the skin, stimulates not to lose its elasticity and protects it from external agents that can damage it. On the other hand, anti-wrinkle cream serves as its name implies, to combat wrinkles, its function is to try to smooth the skin.

When around and over 40 years, in addition to your usual creams, it is advisable to use anti-aging creams and any additional treatment that is unique to rejuvenate the skin, such as serum. Just note that if you have very specific wrinkles, what remedy is best for use around the eyes and lips, in addition to using creams twice daily, morning and night anti-aging cream wrinkles.

Of course it is also important to visit a professional advice before you submit to any procedure or apply any cream as the misuse of these products can accelerate the aging of the skin.

Another thing you should do to prevent this aging is to change some habits that generate the acceleration and the appearance of wrinkles, such as smoking, poor diet and sun exposure without protection.

So as I said before is better than cure and although we will not suffer from wrinkles by the passage of time, if we can delay its onset. Cleanse your face every night and do not wear makeup, your skin well hydrated, do not use much makeup, wear sunscreen every day even without the sun and tonifĂ­cala every day. A pamper your skin ...

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pet society lover said...

i started using those kinds of cream quite recently. Kind of late actually, but better late than never right?

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