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How to make good use of air conditioning

Today we offer some tips on how to make good use of air conditioners, which are very useful and so can enjoy an ideal temperature in the home, reducing consumption. Keep in mind that, for the same level of performance, there are air conditioners that consume up to 60% more electricity than others. Pay attention to the energy label.

- When buying a device in his air-conditioned shop, seek advice from qualified professionals. We advise you on the type of equipment and power that best meets your needs in your home climate.

- The teams, both internal and external, must be installed in places where there is good air circulation and out of the sun as possible.

- The thermostat, always between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius. The more humidity, the heat index is higher, so that the temperature must be reduced, but within that strip. Note that for every degree you lower the thermometer, your consumption increases.

- A temperature gradient between the exterior and interior of your home more than 12 degrees is not healthy.

It is essential for effective thermostat. If you do not have your computer, install one complementary and place it always away from heat sources, such as windows or light bulbs.

Set the thermostat well below the temperature you want to get that space will not be able to cool down before and increase the cost of equipment. A timer will help the air conditioner is turned on a few minutes prior to your arrival so that the air conditioning is gradual and comfortable for you.

-Thermally insulates the house. In winter, to keep summer heat and keep out. Check windows and glazing, frames and moldings, doors and windows, boxes of rolling shutters uninsulated pipes and ducts ... Try to reduce air infiltration doors and windows, covering the cracks with simple and inexpensive means. Small improvements in isolation can lead to economic and energy savings of up to 30%.

Elements such as awnings, blinds and curtains will protect our home from the sun, which will reduce the interior temperature.

-Vent less heat the house when it does, at night or first thing in the morning. This will get refresh, so you need to turn on the air conditioning later.

-Maintaining multisplits splits and air conditioning is essential. Filters must be cleaned every 15 days, otherwise the airflow will not be optimal and the power consumption will soar. It is also recommended that once a year an expert check refrigerant levels. If you are low, the team will need more energy to cool. In the case of a significant loss, the whole system may deteriorate to the point of disabling the device permanently.

Always remember that the basis of savings in air conditioning is having good insulation and efficient equipment.

As you see, the summer does not have to resultarte or hot or much more expensive.

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