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Glycerin in beauty products

Glycerin is a word that comes from the Greek, "glykys"which means sweet. Glycerine has a sweet taste, is colorless, odorless and nontoxic. It is a viscous liquid with different properties. It was not until 1889 that a viable method was used to separate the glycerin soap. One of the many properties of glycerin is its ability to increase humidity.

Glycerin is found in vegetables and is a common additive in natural cosmetics. It has been used for centuries in cleaning products and cosmetics. Since it is naturally low in toxins is able to smooth the skin and rarely causes an allergic reaction. Some beauty products containing glycerin commonly used are:

You may find that glycerin soaps are a bright clear color. Glycerin is an odorless, but acquires the smell of perfumes adds. The glycerine soap is typically found in health food stores and pharmacies.

It is a perfect natural ingredient to remove any items from the house. Thanks to its composition, is able to truly leave the skin soft.

Glycerin is responsible for sweet taste in various products such as toothpaste.


Dry skin can be moisturized with products including glycerin, as it helps to keep moisture on the skin. Also used in creams to treat fine lines of the face such as crow's feet.

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