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Tips for daytime makeup

For many of us when we doubt the most when it comes to how to make up for a day is normal. At night or when going to a party, who knows more and who made up less makeup, but by day, going to work and meet all our obligations throughout the day. Therefore, it sometimes happens that we spent the day running back and forth with a makeup overloaded or very difficult to maintain.

To avoid this, we present a series of guidance on the make-up date:

  • Makeup should always be as natural as possible, to simply give a touch of color to our face. Therefore, the tones used should be soft.
  • The only correction should be applied to the circles to show off a fresh and recovered by morning. If you apply in other areas of the face is likely to be noticed too.
  • If you want to use makeup, must be the same color of your skin, and only use it to match the tone of the face.
  • It is best not apply shadows, but if you're a stalwart of them, look out on the day that makes finding the perfect tone: If it's sunny, you can use any color (green, blue, yellow, orange) provided when choosing a discrete shadows are not flashy and far from flashy. If it is cloudy, it is best to apply colors that go well with the tone leaden sky as blue, green or violet. Always select powder shadows.
  • Lip choose a soft, preferably pink or beige, but also works well using only lip gloss.

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bettingonyourfuture said...

My focus for the day is to hide the dark circles under my eyes so I always dab a light colour of foundation there.


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