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Feng Shui for Weight Loss

You've probably heard of Feng Shui, an ancient Eastern discipline that helps you improve your life by redirecting the energies of the home through the reorganization of furniture and redecorating. Well, believe it or not, Feng Shui can also help ensure you get something that is sometimes very complicated, as is finally losing those extra kilos that we remain and improve our figure for the next spring.

Because, although it seems that the environment around us has nothing to do with our appetite and our diet really is not. Therefore, we leave here some tips from Feng Shui to make it easier for you to follow the diet:

  • The black color is going to help allay cravings. So it is good idea to use a tablecloth or place mats black and an object of dark blue or black near the refrigerator.
  • Come on round plates: The square is a symbol of typecasting, while the circle is a symbol of freedom and curiosity, you facilitate positive feelings about their diet.
  • Avoid to see the kitchen from the front door of your house, because, according to Feng-Shui, this increases the cravings. If it is impossible to do so due to the structure of your home, it's best to put any object blocking the view, as a screen or a plant.
  • Bright colors stimulate the appetite, so it is best to decorate the kitchen and dining room with soft colors and matte to achieve the opposite effect.
  • Throw away things you no longer use. You probably have hundreds of things that a lot you do not use stored somewhere in the house. Get rid of them (getting rid of its weight) will help you lose those kilos more easily.

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