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Queues for all occasions

If there is any relief for the summer hairstyle is undoubtedly the queue. Not only helps us beat the heat, and that separates us from the nape hair, making us more chilly, but also allows us to make outdoor activities more comfortable and our hair without suffering too. Although it seems that the queue is always the same, we take a little bit of imagination we can create even a different hairstyle for every day of the month, and even with some hints, use it on a night out, which will cause us to highlight our originality to the tempo that we'll be fashionable.

Variants of the queue you can use are:

Braids: the queue will be perfect if accompanied by some dirty tricks around the rubber or around the contour of the face. If your hair is not long enough to make them, you can buy hair extensions.

Knots: I'll give it a completely new air to the queue if you make a knot. You only have to roll the hair and tie it on himself with a rubber band.

Queue color: Only need to buy one or more strands of color and collate them in your natural hair when you get the queue. When finished, used to make the queue, a tape the same color as the strands to create a fun contrast.

Some Curls: When you've done the queue just apply the curler on the remaining loose strands around the face. Thus get a touch of glamor to your hair.

Two queues: To achieve this, get parted in the middle and then two queues yourself, giving you a youthful, mischievous and fun.

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