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Hairstyles with hat

The hat can help you change your look quickly and even to enhance your image, and in winter it is good to get rid of the rigors of the cold. However, when we decided to get a hat, especially if we are very settled, do not always know what to do with the hair so that the result is perfect and the hat looks great on your head. Here's how:

Wool hats: They are definitely the stars of winter, and often simply pulled down without worrying us much more. The advantage of this hat is that it looks good whatever the length of your hair, but there is always more beautiful when you see some hair under it, so it is not advisable to hide all the hair under his cap as if a bathing cap is involved.

The way in which this hat makes us more attractive is exposed slightly rearward, so awesome bangs. If you have long hair you can leave it loose or held in a queue.

The cap rate cap: This hat is very elegant, especially if you use it askew. The best way to style your hair is combed through your hair to one side over one shoulder. Then Become a queue under the ear and then messes up and scoop some of your hair is left loose after the rubber band. Since you only have to wear the hat.

Brimmed hat: If you want to give your look a touch rebellious and wild, nothing better than this model. It'll look much better if you have curly hair with volume. To keep your hair all you do is apply a strong hairspray.

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W i e d e s i g n a r c h said...

I am using hijab...

And I am curious,,, how to looked beautiful with some colorful hats... ^___^

KibaGus said...

NICE artikel but for indonesian people hat is unfamiliar...

MAC said...

I wish hats would come back.

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