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Natural beauty recipes with strawberries

strawberryStrawberry, besides being a delicious fruit, gives us plenty of vitamins and minerals when consumed. Applied to the skin, also allows us to benefit from its antioxidant properties that moisturize, rejuvenate and give freshness to your skin. Here are a number of beauty recipes with strawberries to keep your skin young and care:

Strawberry Mask: You need 6 large strawberries, egg white and a tablespoon of rose water. Crush the strawberries with a fork to mash and beat the white until stiff. Add the beaten egg white and rose water to mashed strawberries. Wash the skin with warm water and then apply your mask. Let stand for twenty minutes and finally rinse with water to remove debris.

Moisturizing Mask: To prepare strawberries need 8 or 9 and three tablespoons of honey. In a bowl place the strawberries and chop it. Then add honey and crushed the mixture with a fork. The next step is to extend the mask on the face and, after fifteen minutes, aclararte with cold water.

Nourishing mask: The ingredients are two tablespoons of oats, three ripe strawberries and a spoonful of organic natural yoghurt. Crush strawberries and add the remaining ingredients to form a smooth paste. Lie down and apply it in the face, taking care not to come into your eyes. Leave it for 10 minutes and finally clear your warm water. If you want, then you can apply a moisturizer.

Because strawberry is a fruit that causes many allergies, it is better to apply a bit of a face area and see if it causes a reaction. If not, and can use any of the masks that we recommend.

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hudadida said...

igt lagi sama aku nggak?

Sam said...

Thanks for the lovely beauty recipes.
I will definitely be trying them out



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