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Art Performance for Charity

Social programs through music performance is one that Sing for Hope has been trying for these years. Many artists have joined activities provided by such nonprofit organization to raise funds that later used for sustaining some social programs of several communities, schools and any other social institutions. This charitable program come from noble intention of Camille Zamora who organized a charity concert to memorize her friend who spent his final days at hospital because of AIDS and Monica Yunus, the daughter of Muhammad Yunus (a laureate of Nobel peace prize), who organized concert for victims of Katarina Hurricane.

Performing street piano of some professional artist is one example of music for charity program organized by certain organization. Some pianists have been involved in the largest art project organized by Song for Hope for charity purpose. It is one great idea to bring sensational piano playing of famous artists into public through music performance in the open, because more people will pay more attention to the main purpose of certain charitable organization.

Joining programs of Sing for Hope will be one great experience for every artist. If you are an artist who wants to sense such experience, you can show your performance through programs organized by such organization.

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