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Japanese hairstraightening

The Japanese hair straightening is a technique that aims to achieve a permanent basis, a smooth and shiny hair, oriental style, eliminating the curves and waves of hair straighteners by specific products and an iron ion.

Tooling should be done by a professional because straightening products be used in appropriate quantities and proportions to get the straightening without damaging the appearance and structure of hair.

How do I prepare my hair for Japanese straightening?

Five days before straightening you wash your hair with shampoo neutral and do not use iron or dryer to the barber check the type and condition of your hair in order to determine the product and dose must apply yourself.

You should not use conditioner, hair mask or treatment before the appointment to the Japanese straightening.

How do the Japanese straightening?

The barber you wash your hair with shampoo neutral. Then choose the right product for your hair straightener and apply from root to tip, leaving it to act for about 45 minutes, depending on the waves in your hair.

After this time, the barber wash hair again, and ironed with an iron ion, for an extra smooth finish. As we need to iron all the hair, the barber is dividing the hair in parts and the ironing is for locks.

After ironing the hair, apply a neutralizer is left on, and re-wash hair, using special creams. After washing, dry the hair dryer and a brush with ionic.

How long does the Japanese straightening?

The hair will maintain its sleek appearance about 6 months according to growth rate and the natural wave you have. During those 6 months, your hair will remain smooth when washing and drying your hair. At 6 months, you must reapply smoothing, but only in the roots, where the hair has grown.

How much is the Japanese straightening?

The Japanese straightening costs between $350 and $450, including buy hair extensions depending on the volume and length of your hair. Maintenance treatments every 6 months to apply smoothing the hair that has grown during that time, costing between $100 and $150.

Can you do the Japanese straightening if I have dyed hair?

The grinding may be done if your hair is healthy, is tinted or not. The barber will review the status of your hair, and determine whether it is appropriate or not straight.

Can you dye your hair after straightening?

To re-dye your hair, you have to wait at least 20 days.

Does the Japanese straightening damaged hair?

The Japanese straightening is an aggressive treatment, so you should do a good professional. Done properly, will not harm the structure of hair, but there are alternatives that use less aggressive products, including natural proteins such as keratin straightening, with which you will get a similar smoothing with less risk to your hair.

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