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Choosing the right heel

If you like the heels are in luck, because there is nothing at this time hotter than kilometer-heeled shoes are an ideal if we give a feminine and sophisticated.

However, this penchant for heels at times makes us say high heels are not suitable for the situation. Many of us have seen women who work rises above five-inch heels who can barely move around the office to do its job. Therefore, as important as wearing a shoe is to wear a nice heel that perfectly suits the occasion.

The best thing for the day to day is to wear shoes with low heels, or with a medium heel, to carry out all daily activities. Currently on the market comfortable and elegant models that allow you to look perfect for every occasion.

If within your working day you have to go to any act for which the highest heels you can use, it is best to take them to work in a small bag and putting them on before leaving for the event. The same is true if your job requires you to use high heels for reasons of image and you move on public transport or walking to get to work. In this way, or your feet or your shoes elegant suffer, extending your welfare and life of your shoes.

Of course, for a special event like a wedding, a night out, do not hesitate to seek high-heeled shoes, preferably in bright colors that give the perfect touch of glamor to your wardrobe. But even in these events do not forget your convenience, so it is advisable to use templates gel or foam to make your feet suffer less.

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